Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Research paper on Scotland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Research paper on Scotland - Essay Example This is a very interesting field of study as we come to know about our own origin, ancestors, the earlier civilizations like Roman or Greek ones, their contribution towards modern society and, most importantly, what we learn from them. No doubt, we have to do a thorough research but as we come to know about different cultures and societies, it becomes very interesting and curious (Marett. 1912). The location which I want to study is Scotland. I have developed an interest in it since my childhood, as our neighbors were the Scottish family and we had very good terms with them. They used to speak a different kind of English in the accent and the spellings. They were all different from us. Their food had a different variety too. Sometimes they used to tell me the Scottish history, which I found very interesting since the place exists from the time before date and it has been a part of Roman Empire too. I become more curious to learn about it with the passage of time when I study history in junior classes. So during my course, I chose Scotland to study and to know more about its history, culture, people and every aspect which could help me to understand the subject completely. Let me first tell you briefly about Scotland. Many people already know that it is an independent state of the UK, comprising of more than 790 islands with a total area of 78,387Â  km2. The capital of the state is Edinburgh which is amongst one of the economically developed cities of the world and it was actually the place from where the Scottish Enlightenment began. Glasgow and Aberdeen are other two major cities of the state which are the industrial cities. About 90% of the population is scots who want independence of their country from UK. It was an independent country before 1707, but then King James VI entered into a treaty of union to create the United Kingdom. Since then there have been numerous protests throughout

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