Friday, October 18, 2019

Class Project Survey Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Class Project Survey - Research Paper Example due to changing global climate. Sea level is also increasing and we are now exposed to the threat that a substantial portion of US Gulf Coast along with Eastern Seaboard. We are also breathing polluted air as many more countries across the world are being highly industrialized, and hence, proportion of hazardous gases including CO2 in the air has increased significantly. (McKay, 403) 1. B) How do forces outside of the US impact your job prospects? Our job prospects are not only affected by internal economic situations, but also by factors that are external to the economy of US. First, opportunities of jobs in the countries outside the US have decreased significantly due to the recent global financial crisis. And second, the extent of outsourcing has been increasing day by day on account increased availability of cheap labor from countries like India, Kenya, (McKay, 385-387) Philippines, and other developing countries. 1. C) How do forces outside of the US impact your physical safety? The physical safety of US citizens is continuously being threatened by terrorists groups of Islamic regions of the world. The event of 9/11 showcased how powerful the Islamic terrorist groups have become. Although, the US government has taken excellent security measures, but we still do not feel fully secured. (McKay, 283) 1.

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