Monday, September 9, 2019

Film review Movie Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 12

Film - Movie Review Example Specifically, the film focuses on the Southern railroad engineer who has only two loves in his life, the beautiful Annabelle Lee, and the train (Ebert, 1997 n.p). In the beginning, Keaton walks to his girls house wearing his best suit unaware that two small boys are following him. Ironically, behind the two boys is Annabelle herself, who follows closely as Keaton reaches the door and knocks only to look about and see Annabelle right behind him. The two boys follow them as they sit on the sofa and Keaton reflects slight unhappiness (Ebert, 1997 n.p). He wakes up, picks his hat as if he wants to leave and opens the door for the two boys to leave. He displays incredible courtesy that leaves the viewer wondering if the boys were his guests or pure intruders. Rejected by the girl, he goes to drive the locomotive, but it lifts him up and down, although e is so obsessed with the girl to notice. The director portrays the character as a dangerous individual all through the film. Although the comedy in the movie is quite a lot, the audience does not laugh at Keaton but identify with him (Ebert, 1997 n.p). The film most memorable part is the hunt of the stole train by the Union spies. Ironically, Jonny chases the train on foot, by bicycle, a sidecar, and finally another locomotive. Precisely, this scene is exciting since it is impossible for a train to chase another locomotive since they have to retain the track. The General appeared in the Sight and Sound top ten greatest films, and it might be Keatons greatest film. However, other films by the same director that are fascinating include Go West (1925), Cameraman (1928) and The Navigator (1924) among others (Ebert, 1997 n.p). Ebert, Roger. "The General Movie Review & Film Summary (1927) | Roger Ebert." Movie Reviews and Ratings by Film Critic Roger Ebert | Roger Ebert. N.P., 31  Mar.  1997. Web. 16  Mar.  2015.

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