Thursday, July 25, 2019

Information Security Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6000 words

Information Security Management - Essay Example There is a need for ensuring an appraisal of the operations of the information system at Hewlett-Packard in a bid to consolidate an organized arrangement in the prevention of danger. In view of the rise in the level of an insecure system within the operation systems of Hewlett Packard, there is a need to come up with various measures that can curb the danger that the company is exporting. In addition, there is also need for addressing the possibility of the occurrence of disasters like fire that may end up damaging property within the company. Presently, the operating system the staff is using is susceptible to threats outside and within the company. There is need for a safe operating system that the staff uses in order to ensure confidentiality of information within the organization. This report comes up with the appropriate recommendations that have to be considered to ensure safety of the entire operating system. There were complaints raised regarding the access of computers without the knowledge of the users of the computers. The report looks at the provision of the use of passwords and various data storage devices within the organization. This research was conducted through investigation and filling of questionnaires by the staff members. A number of 250 questionnaires were distributed to the employees, and they were filled based on the scales that surround that security and confidentiality of the jobs that they do. The survey concentrated purely on the security of the work being done rather than the individual details in the environment. The staff members who took part in the survey were volunteers and their details were anonymous. The management having been briefed of the challenges being faced within the firm, they decided to appoint a team of IT experts led by the IT systems administrator to look into the situation and address the matter amicably before it got out of

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