Sunday, August 11, 2019

Mangement of Budjet of San Antonio TX Case Study

Mangement of Budjet of San Antonio TX - Case Study Example Later on, many more industries have joined the city, strengthening its economic base. San Antonio has emerged as one of the most recession resistant cities in the US. The city is working towards strengthening its economy even more (Emily, 86). The main strategies being applied to achieve this are incentives to businesses and entrepreneurs to attract more investment into the city, expand the retail business, create new job opportunities and stimulate high economic development. This, the city does by incorporating these objectives in its budget. The economic management department is the body charged with the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of such objectives (Jones, 380). The Economic Management Department has made it easy for existing and even potential businesses to access fully fledged business services. This act as an incentive, to ensure that the entrepreneurs and the business feel appreciated and welcome in the city and their role in the economy of the city is being recognized. The department provides the businesses with professionals who assist them with issues to do with licensing, permits and other regulatory issues (Jones, 159). To the prospective entrepreneurs, the professional staffs provide initial business consultancy and counseling services. These services provided to the entrepreneurs include counseling services on the potential and available sources of capital, how to prepare and develop a business plan, forms of business organizations, information on government procurement as well as marketing strategies most applicable to the businesses they aspire to establish (Emily, 65). The incentives provided to business in this city are aimed at encouraging more business to establish here, motivate new companies to create employment opportunities and by extension, spur the economic prosperity of the city to greater heights. The

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